CEU Guidelines

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CSCT Continuing Education Units (CEU) Standards

Academic Training – Pertaining to CSCT / CMA Cardiology Technology programs

Successfully completing the CSCT Certification exam

30 CEU’s

Successfully completing: Cardiac Rhythm Management and Devices, IBHRE, Electrophysiology, CVT, CCI, ARDMS, CARDUP, BRETC, BRPT

15 CEU’s

Successfully passing CSCT reinstatement exam

10 CEU’s



Continuing Education & Training - Pertaining to attendance of cardiac conferences,

seminars and workshops, supplementary education, research, lecture, presentation, courses and training.

Publishing cardiology paper, article, abstract Primary author

Primary author 30 CEU’s

Co-author 25 CEU’s

Clinical Preceptors

1 CEU per 8 hours / max 5 per year

CCC Attendance

5 CEU’s per day / max 15 per year

Cardiology related research projects

5 CEU’s for research & 1 CEU for presenting

Provincial Education Day

5 CEU’s

Internet studies, readings, videos, television programs,

Cardiology related articles and journals

2 CEU’s (include brief summary)

Conferences and seminars

1 CEU per 1 hour/max 5 per day

Cardiology rounds

1 CEU per 1 hour/max 5 per day

Public Education Event

1 CEU per 1 hour/max 5 per day

CSCT website based case studies - submissions

1 CEU per study

CPR / BCLS / ACLS / First Aid / BLS / HCP / AED

1 CEU per hr / max 5 CEU’s


1 CEU per hour


Professional Services - Pertaining to national and provincial board committee membership participation, attendance and representation in all aspects.

CSCT Board of Directors membership / meetings

max 5 per year

Provincial Executive Committee membership / meetings

1 CEU per hr – max 5 per year

CSCT Ad Hoc Committee / Committee Chairs

2 CEU per committee

Attendance of Provincial AGM / CSCT AGM

5 CEU’s

CSCT BOD approved surveys/ projects / NOCP surveys

5 CEU’s per survey

Report for provincial / national newsletter

2 CEU’s

Cardiology Exam invigilator – school exams, i.e. BCIT,

Stenberg programs

1 CEU per exam


***Members who have not completed and submitted their CEU’s to their provincial CEU

Coordinator before the end of each triennium will be fined $100.