Cardiology Technologists Association of Nova Scotia

History of the Association

Our humble beginnings started back in 1962, while we were still under the care of the Manitoba Association of Cardiology Technologist (MACT). 

The founding Nova Scotia members worked to incorporate our association over the next few years; finally seeing success in April, 1968 with a little help from Manitoba.  The Nova Scotia members are still very grateful for Manitoba’s support in getting us to where we are today!

Although our association has Nova Scotia in the name, we began accepting members from Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland early on. 

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to pay it forward by helping our Newfoundland members form their own association becoming official in January, 1992. And our P.E.I. members are still counted as our own to this day. 

CTANS joined the national association in 1972.

The Cardiology Technologist Association of Nova Scotia celebrated its 50th anniversary in April 2018; the official celebration taking place in Halifax at our AGM in May. 


Featured Member

Linda Bourbonnais is one of the founding members of CTANS. She started her career working with single-channel heat stylus ECG machines and moved into a computerized ECG department as cardiac innovations were developed. She was involved in research, creating a database for ECG machines to interpret electrocardiograms. She also held a position on CTANS Executive Board for a various number of years.  Linda Bourbonnais is not only knowledgeable in her skill but has been a wonderful teacher and mentor to new prospective students. Her passion for the career showed in her work, and her dedication has played an integral role in helping CTANS become what it is today. For all her hard work and dedication to the association, Linda Bourbonnais was awarded a Life Membership in 2014.

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